The thaw

The ice is soooo close to being gone! Here are some photos from the last few days of watching the thaw. Usually the ice melts by the end of April, not March. The birds have returned and the sounds of life are back filling the air. Gone is the still silence of winter and I know we have survived yet another of the coldest and darkest seasons. To be honest, the only thing I used to love about winter was downhill skiing but since we moved to the lake, I admit I really enjoy winters now. Even when the temperature goes to -30 C for days on end. I love being cozy by the fire and watching the snow swirling about outside.


6 thoughts on “The thaw

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  2. i feel the same way as you do about the thaw and winter, i also live on a lake. i enjoy these beautiful images.. ; )

      • your welcome, and thanks to you also for visiting my blog. you are and will do just fine, i will visit again, its wonderful to live on a lake.. ; )

      • thanks for sharing the photos and the wonderful exeneirecp.. good that you've captured them in your blog and few years down the road you'll be able to look back and read them again to remind you of the amazing event! 🙂

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