Finally, some house photos

I went a little “snap happy” last night (see lake pics here) because the evening was so stunning and I wanted to try to capture and share its beauty. I began this blog to document our progresses on the massive house reno we have undertaken in the passed year and a half, and now, here I am on my 12th post and I still haven’t even really shown the house at all! Now that our house is livable and comfortable, we are enjoying and savouring the fruits of our labour. Although we still have plenty of work to do until it is “finished”, we are trying to take more time to savour what we have done. It has been a very crazy last 2 years with renovations while raising the girls and trying to fit in work and live a somewhat balanced life.  I don’t think we did the best at the “balanced” part since it is difficult to think of much else when you don’t have a roof over your head. Now that we have a little breathing room from the constant house projects, it is nice. We just have to try to not fall into the trap of not finishing it because we are to comfortable :). Here are some photos with the evening light in our new kitchen. I will soon post further blog entries showing our “before” photos and progress on our house – promise.

My husband enjoying a little quiet time. Yup, we live quite the party life 😉


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