Osprey Hunting

Of all the birds and wildlife I see every day, I am always breathless when I watch the Osprey hunting for fish. They are truly spectacular birds. With their expansive wings, they hover when they see a fish, then tuck them in and dive right underwater from great heights. Somehow they effortlessly go from complete submersion to high flight in a matter of moments, shaking the water off their wings mid-flight upon ascent. I have tried to capture the spectacle but feel my photos do not do justice to what is witnessed by the eye.



Keeping an eye on the fish

Beginning the descent

The plunge

A closer look


Hunting again


4 thoughts on “Osprey Hunting

  1. That was an amazing series of photos. I had thought that only the legs of the osprey were going underwater for the catch. I didn’t realize that it could submerge its whole body and then jet right out again.

    • Yes, they are pretty spectacular. They also spend a couple of seconds underwater. I can’t imagine the strength it would take to do that. I wish I could get a photo of one shaking its wings off mid-flight as well.

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