Most Spectacular Clouds on the Lake so Far

Came across these photos I took a few years ago of storm clouds one evening. In our  7 years of living on the lake, we have seen some incredible storms and jaw-dropping skies but this one definitely stands out as one of the best. The sunset shining under the storm front made for an eerie and stunning spectacle as the leading edge dropped down like the fingers of a giant hand. Beauty and the Beast, with beautiful sunset colours combined with an ominous and brooding sky.

Photos to follow are not retouched at all.

Note the intense and sudden wind ripples on the water.


6 thoughts on “Most Spectacular Clouds on the Lake so Far

      • I feel better. 😀 I want to live near a lake! I can imagine how your life must be. Is it exciting? Peaceful? You sure have lots of beautiful and serene moments with the lake. Nice blog, btw.

      • I am glad to hear! I pinch myself every day because I can’t believe where I live! It is a wonderful place but of course, it is not perfect. There are moments of fear and horror like when you see coyotes killing dear (or trying to kill my dog like this post ) or when you have bear visiting every night, or when you wish you could save a bird from getting eaten by a snapping turtle! But it is all worth it in the end 🙂

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