First Gosling! And a Duck Who Thought She Was The Mom?

Yesterday I saw the first gosling of the year! Right when I noticed it and was snapping away with my camera, I noticed something interesting happening…

…so, there is the little gosling (soooo cute).

 Along came a curious Ring Necked Duck followed by some males vying for her attention. 

The little duck gets chased by a parent goose who is rightfully protecting it’s only baby.

The duck does not give up. She chases away her male pursuers and continues to follow the gosling, quite smitten by it.  

Finally, she catches up and the parent geese decide she is not really much of a threat so allow her to hang out with them. The duck kept swimming around the little gosling who was curious about the duck.

For a short while, she managed to have the gosling all to herself while the parents watched from not to far away.

Eventually the parents decided to step in again and shoo away the duck after they let her have her fun.

I really have not idea why this duck was so interested in the gosling. It seemed to me she wanted to be it’s mother, but of course being a mother myself, I am only speculating from my own perspective! Perhaps she was just curious, or wanted to play. Whatever the situation, it was fun to watch 🙂


12 thoughts on “First Gosling! And a Duck Who Thought She Was The Mom?

  1. So prior to the wedding prep she had not run at all? I only ask because I’m having diitcfulfy running 20 mins at a time. I’m getting closer. Just want a gage to figure out how long it takes to get to awesome.

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  3. It could be that the female duck was using the geese to ward off any unwanted attention from the males. Also for protection in general. I notice that the ducks around my place, mostly mallards but a few others, seem to depend on the geese always being on alert to warn them of any approaching danger.

    • Hi, and thanks for stopping by. I was wondering the same at first but she seemed more interested in the gosling than being protected from the males. Although, that being said, I know the male mallards can be very aggressive toward the females and they seem to get annoyed quite often. Perhaps she was avoiding the males and then was distracted by the duckling. Thank you for your comments. I love your photos!

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