Skating on the Lake on a Cold February Day

The windchill was below -30C but the ice was so great we couldn’t resist. Please excuse the shaky hand, it was half frozen!

The girls were a little shaky since it was their first skate of the year (still much better than me on skates I might add). Daisy dog reminds me of Bambi on the ice 🙂

Soon after I shot this video, we had a tonne of snow but luckily the ice was still good underneath so we shovelled some trails and had some more fun. I will prepare a video of this on a following post soon.


4 thoughts on “Skating on the Lake on a Cold February Day

  1. Morgane dit :Ahhh tout un poème en effet cette route de Vannes! Bon… ça me rassure de voir que je ne suis pas la seule à pester contre cette galère marchande! Très bon jeu de mots Delphine!!!Et pour Ikea… Oh ouiiiiiiiii je voudrais tellement qu’Ikea ouvre le dimanche! C’est quand même LE jour pour aller shopper de la déco, je suis très très complètement d’accord avec toi Eliz!

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