Easter Decorating on the Cheep….er, Cheap!

Since our house is on the small side, I find that although I love to decorate for holidays like Easter, I don’t want to have a tonne of decorations I have to store for the other 360+ days of the year. I also don’t want to have to buy new decorations every year since that can be expensive so we try to come up with creative things that are cheap, or even better, free! Here are a bunch of pics of this year’s collection of decorations.pics of decorations1

The kids dyed some eggs using a wax crayon to draw on them first.

We put the eggs in a glass vase and added a couple of stuffed bunnies the kids had as toys.

The pussy willows were out just in time this year so we went for a hike to pick some.

I had these dogwood branches still hanging up from Christmas (I am embarrassed to say) and just as I was about to take them down, realized I could hang some eggs on them so there they stay.

The egg garland we made here and the tablecloth I bought for my daughter’s birthday from the fabric section at Ikea for $6/m.
blog_Mar29_2013_5 blog_Mar29_2013_6
The nest/branches in the vase I actually bought at the dollar store and the eggs in the bowl we collected from the cousin’s hens.

Total cost for this year’s decorations:
All branches = free
Kid’s paper egg garland = free
Nest/branch = $1.50
Eggs/dye = $3
Hanging eggs from passed year.
Total: $4.50

blog_Mar29_2013_8 blog_Mar29_2013_9

The final pic shows more eggs my daughter made and put in her window to decorate her room and a deer came to visit in the morning. 🙂

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter!!


Quick and Easy Magnetic Pen Holder

I have had a pen on top of the fridge to write on my fridge lists but it manages to roll off or disappear. I had an empty tin from some ginger candies that I love the look of and thought I would try out something I had seen somewhere a while ago (probably on Pinterest). I was going to glue a couple of magnets I had lying around onto the back of the tin and stick it to the fridge and then I realized I didn’t even need to glue them because, duh, the tin is magnetic too. So, two simple steps;

1) stick magnets to fridge
2) stick tin to magnets
3) place pens/pencils in tin.

Et voila! Fini.


Oh, I searched online to find where I had seen this idea originally and here it is. Good ol’ Martha Stewart. She had an even better idea which is to place the magnets inside the tin.

Finally, some house photos

I went a little “snap happy” last night (see lake pics here) because the evening was so stunning and I wanted to try to capture and share its beauty. I began this blog to document our progresses on the massive house reno we have undertaken in the passed year and a half, and now, here I am on my 12th post and I still haven’t even really shown the house at all! Now that our house is livable and comfortable, we are enjoying and savouring the fruits of our labour. Although we still have plenty of work to do until it is “finished”, we are trying to take more time to savour what we have done. It has been a very crazy last 2 years with renovations while raising the girls and trying to fit in work and live a somewhat balanced life.  I don’t think we did the best at the “balanced” part since it is difficult to think of much else when you don’t have a roof over your head. Now that we have a little breathing room from the constant house projects, it is nice. We just have to try to not fall into the trap of not finishing it because we are to comfortable :). Here are some photos with the evening light in our new kitchen. I will soon post further blog entries showing our “before” photos and progress on our house – promise.

My husband enjoying a little quiet time. Yup, we live quite the party life 😉