Battle of a Young Bald Eagle and and Osprey

Heard weird screams outside a few minutes ago and looked out to see a young bald eagle and osprey fighting in mid-air! Two incredibly strong birds. Eagle won and osprey flew away seemingly unscathed. Wow!

Grabbed my camera but the battery was still in the charger – of course >:s ┬áBy the time I got the camera ready, all that was left of the battle was the young bald eagle circling the lake looking for fish. Oh well, here are my very rough photos of it.


Young Bald Eagle Learning to Fish – “If at First You Don’t Succeed…”

Found some more photos I took of one of the neighbours a couple of years ago. One afternoon, I noticed a huge bird swooping over and over again down to the water at the end of our lawn. It must have done this for about 20 minutes. I managed to snap a few photos through which I later identified the bird to be a young Bald Eagle. It didn’t have it’s identifiable white head yet so I was stumped. It was pretty special to be able to view such a stunning and skilled bird learning it’s craft. When watching the grace and power of an adult eagle catch fish, it is hard to believe they have to aquire this skill, but watching how hard this young bird had to work and practice over and over again to learn, sometimes gracefully, other times downright gawky, it was pretty awesome (and inspiring) to witness.