The House

We bought our home in 2005 and have been working on it ever since to make it our dream home/cottage. In the summer of 2010 we began a feverish reno (basically a tear-down) where we gutted everything and only kept the floor, roof and “porch” (which we had previously renovated in 2007). We also added about 50% more floorspace with an addition. Mostly all of this we did ourselves while raising 2 kids, cutting costs (but not quality) wherever possible, husband working a full-time job and trying to keep our sanity.

As I post more about the house, I will add links for reference here such as the ones below:



10 thoughts on “The House

      • یه جور خاصیه این داستان. قشنگی خاص خودش را دارد.هرقدر تلاش کردم تا این خاص رو معنا کنم نشد.خیلی دوست دارم بخوانم این کتاب را

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